Where as once I was blind

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Once, there was zealotry, and anger, and war. Once, humans were petty and closed-minded, unable to accept to accept that the world could be different from how they saw it.

No one knows where The Dress came from. No one knows who's Dress it was. No one knows who made it, or whether it was ever a real dress, or just a picture. But when we saw it, we truly saw for the first time.

This was in the Year One, of course, but we didn't call it the Year One. At that time it was called 2015 AD, but AD didn't mean "after the Dress" as it does now. I don't recall what it did mean.

Before the Dress, many people believed that their view of the world was the only one that mattered. Some even went so far as to say that all those who disagreed with them would suffer eternally after they died. The Dress taught us that God can take many forms, that there are many paths to understanding.

Before the Dress, to govern a democratic Nation you had to convince voters that your politcal opponents would destroy everything they loved, because their view of the world was so wrong-headed. The Dress taught us to govern by consensus and compromise, whenever possible.

Before the Dress, we believed that those who told us things that didn't fit our personal experience were liars, or were victims of propoganda, or motivated by profit. Because of the Dress, we learned to accept science and deductive reasoning, even when the results were strange or uncomforatable.

When we first saw the Dress, we were confused. Our blindness prevented us from perceiving what what was right in front of us. But then, we were saved.