Journals: Your domain is now your reputation. Protect it.

One facet of web sites that often confuses clients who have not been involved with the web before is that they have to pay separately for their domain and their hosting. While the different bills can be annoying and seem like a scam, there is very good reason to keep them distinct and one should actually be wary of any "package deals" that sell both at once.


How to choose your first programming language

I do not have Google Analytics on my blog (well, I do, but I seem to have forgotten the account it's associated with), and when I discovered my mistake, also discovered also that I didn't really care. If my blog doesn't have an audience, that's hardly a reason to stop blogging, and if it does, I don't need my topics to change based on traffic. I write mainly for me - if someone else finds it interesting or useful or insightful, that's great; if not, I'll try again next time.


Readability vs Instant Articles: how does Content save itself?

When I was in University there appeared - quite suddenly - new Thing called Napster, that allowed people to obtain Content (in this case audio files) for free; whereas just a few years before we had to pay for it. Or at least, the process of obtaining for free had previously been arduous enough that many were willing to pay for it.


Why I am against mandatory vaccinations

You knew it would start to happen eventually. California has passed a law effectively making vaccines mandatory, and polls suggest other jurisdictions may follow suit. California has essentially said that a minority of opponents should no longer be able to threaten the safety of the majority of vaccinators, let alone their own children. Perhaps the days of the anti-vaccine scourge are finally numbered. I, however, do not want it to happen this way.


Book Review: Web Development with Node and Express

Even among the bewilidering array of backend web languages and frameworks, Node.js stands alone. It isn't a language - it's just an implementation of Javascript, and is it isn't really a framework, either. At it's most basic level, it feels more like a Javascript API for configuring a server.


Where as once I was blind

Once, there was zealotry, and anger, and war. Once, humans were petty and closed-minded, unable to accept to accept that the world could be different from how they saw it.

No one knows where The Dress came from. No one knows who's Dress it was. No one knows who made it, or whether it was ever a real dress, or just a picture. But when we saw it, we truly saw for the first time.


Adding a custom Snazzy Map to WordPress

Designers are incurable perfectionists. They always seem to want things that push just beyond what the current tools we as developers have available.

Until recently, outside widgets like Google Maps gave us a line in the sand. So that blue that Google uses for water doesn't quite match the blue in the logo? Too bad. Either use what we've got, or scrap that map and make a JPG.